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KillerMu Season 3 Episode 1

⚡️Welcome to the world of KillersMU (Server Location: Canada)

🔥A 100% FreeToPlay Season 3 Episode 1 Old-School LONG TERM Server.

⚡️What's great about it is 100% FreeToPlay! (You could ofc donate as well as support).

⚡️Every char starts with a semi F.O FREEBIE Set and Weapon + Wings and Accessories]

🔥Reset System with great rewards [60 RR = 1 GR = 5K Credits for webshop]

🌪Balanced PVP System 100% [BK Combo only]

🌪Online Time Trade! [Credits for webshop]

⚡️Customized Webshop including Season 4 Sets & Weapons & Shields! (Hathor,Hades,Brave,Amun,Virtus]

⚡️Server Market System on website to Buy & Sell.

💪CS Sundays (1 hour) [17:00-18:00 GMT+3 Time] - can be changed with notice.

🔥Very active Staff Members who host daily events with prizes! Staff Assistance.

🌪Multi-Client Launch is allowed! - faster grinding using 3-4 accounts together.

🔥All full game events are ongoing by the clock.

💪💪Very Fun and easy server to play! I invite you to join our lil community and grow together!

Posted15 / 11 / 2021ByKillers MU

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