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Hello everyone, the version has been uploaded

please download the new client

KMU KillerS

Posted12 / 01 / 2022


Server is back online with many events and many new things, in order to play again you have to register and download again,Thanks for waiting , KMU Staff

Posted17 / 12 / 2021


Hello everyone, today I hope you will be ready to restart the server and start the server with new events, new weapons, new shields, new wings, new monsters, new maps, new event for the game to be much more fun and no more boredom on the server, I'm looking for staff, who thinks they can help me please contact me privately on fb, disagree, Thank you, KMU STAFF KillerS

Posted15 / 12 / 2021

KillerMu Season 3 Episode 1

⚡️Welcome to the world of KillersMU (Server Location: Canada)

🔥A 100% FreeToPlay Season 3 Episode 1 Old-School LONG TERM Server.

⚡️What's great about it is 100% FreeToPlay! (You could ofc donate as well as support).

⚡️Every char starts with a semi F.O FREEBIE Set and Weapon + Wings and Accessories]

🔥Reset System with great rewards [60 RR = 1 GR = 5K Credits for webshop]

🌪Balanced PVP System 100% [BK Combo only]

🌪Online Time Trade! [Credits for webshop]

⚡️Customized Webshop including Season 4 Sets & Weapons & Shields! (Hathor,Hades,Brave,Amun,Virtus]

⚡️Server Market System on website to Buy & Sell.

💪CS Sundays (1 hour) [17:00-18:00 GMT+3 Time] - can be changed with notice.

🔥Very active Staff Members who host daily events with prizes! Staff Assistance.

🌪Multi-Client Launch is allowed! - faster grinding using 3-4 accounts together.

🔥All full game events are ongoing by the clock.

💪💪Very Fun and easy server to play! I invite you to join our lil community and grow together!

Posted15 / 11 / 2021

News and Updates

                                   News and Updates

♣ Download the new client. ♣
☻ We've updated the game with new Season 4 sets and weapons. ☻
Set Atlas
Set Amun
Set Horus
Set Virtus
Set Hathor
Set Maahes and Sekhmet
Mace of King Ancient
Mace of the Emperor Ancient
Black Lion sword
Spellbinder Shield
Crimson Glory Shield
Salamander Shield
Frost Barier Shield
Guardian Shield 
Cross Shield

♠ We have fixed all the ancient sets that were missing ♠
⭕ We have changed the website and it has a webshop to buy the items and market where you can sell your things  ⭕
♦ The xshop is disabled from this moment ♦
KillersMU Staff Team

Posted15 / 11 / 2021

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