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                     News and Updates

♣ Download the new client. ♣
☻ We've updated the game with new Season 4 sets and weapons. ☻
Set Atlas
Set Amun
Set Horus
Set Virtus
Set Hathor
Set Maahes and Sekhmet
Mace of King Ancient
Mace of the Emperor Ancient
Black Lion sword
Spellbinder Shield
Crimson Glory Shield
Salamander Shield
Frost Barier Shield
Guardian Shield 
Cross Shield
♠ We have fixed all the ancient sets that were missing ♠
⭕ We have changed the website and it has a webshop to buy the items and market where you can sell your things  ⭕
♦ The xshop is disabled from this moment ♦
KillersMU Staff Team

Posted15 / 11 / 2021ByKillers MU

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